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OOH Reverse Graffiti Adverts London UK

Eco Reverse Graffiti Advertising 

Reverse graffiti is a new and eco-friendly way of advertising that brands are turning to in order to make a big impression with the world while talking sustainability. It is the process of creating images, logos or messaging in the dirt on the surfaces such as walkways or walls by cleaning otherwise than directly adding a paint, and other applications. This is the reason why reverse graffiti could be a great solution for brands and you can find even more good examples that illustrate this thought.

Environmentally Friendly

Reverse graffiti is a method of street advertising – this involves cleaning an image into a dirty street or wall using high pressure hoses or scourers, but you’re right, it uses no chemicals, dyes or paints making it green. By eliminating the need to use dirty cleaning chemicals, it does not leave any toxic residue which appeals to increasing consumer demand for cleaner and more sustainable practices. Reverse graffiti branded Reverse graffiti is an example of a experiential marketing strategy that communicates brands as sustainable, and so greater respect from environmentally friendly consumers.


Reverse Graffiti is often a more affordable solution than traditional formats like billboards, or printed adverts. Using primarily water and a stencil, it requires minimal materials both in production and in cleanup. This cost efficiency allows brands to divert resources towards other aspects, like scaling up their campaign reach or experimenting with other progressive marketing tactics.


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High Impact and Memorable

The character of reverse graffiti is its surprise and strangeness. This stark contrast against the dirty surface gives a distinct visual presence. And, as an added bonus, the newness of it can make for a great headline and a lot of earned media. We love how temporary these are, all washed clean in a few days and totally at home. it creates hype and people hop on to check them out immediately as they know it’s not going to be around forever.

Local and Targeted

These signs could be strategically placed at commercial cities which are high in human traffic and the target audience is more prone to make a purchase. Reverse graffiti is very targeted in business districts encouraging professionals to read and absorb.

In summary, reverse graffiti is a potent medium through which brands can actively get involved with the environment around them – saving money in the process whilst also serving to cement the message into the minds of those it is aimed at. With a fresh approach, it perfectly compliments the current marketing values and adds an arrow to any marketing strategy pack.


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