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Sidewalk Advertising Agency USA

   Sidewalk Advertising to get brand exposure. Cost effective brand awareness campaigns in New York, Miami, Los Angeles.


Sidewalk decal advertising is a unique and powerful way to generate brand recognition. When really eye-catching and well thought-out, you can have your brand advertising right on a busy walking path – in the most captivating way.

High Visibility


Sidewalk Decals:

Sidewalk decals are best placed in areas of high foot-traffic, where people are already walking, and prone to looking down. This guarantees that a large audience of passersby floods upon the ad, so it is actually one useful way to attract a vast section of people.



Sidewalk decals are less expensive to produce and install than typical advertising mediums. Positioning them in highly trafficked public areas gives these works long-form exposure without the accompanying production costs of digital or print media.


Novelty and Engagement

Because sidewalk decals are original, they could be more unforgettable than traditional advertisements. Their unusual placements and innovative creatives drive curiosity, interest, get noticed by the consumers and assist in brand engagement.


Strategic Placement

These sidewalk decals can be strategically placed where their target users visit the most eg near universities, shopping areas or business districts. It means the ad only appears to the most relevant group of people.


Durability and Impact

Sidewalk decals have come a long way from laminated papers to durable materials that will stand up to weather and foot traffic; futher illustrating the engineered design of what we will call a ‘modern advertising walkway. This toughness means that one can possibly offer long-term brand acknowledgment.


In conclusion, sidewalk decal advertising is an affordable, enjoyable, and highly-visible way to increase brand exposure- so it should be a great addition to any marketing plan. Sidwalk Decals can be removed after a monthe run at an extra cost.


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